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Understand What a Business Coach Does

Here are some frequently asked, and not asked questions that can help clarify what business coaches do.

What does a business coach do?

A business coach helps you, the business owner, to grow, develop your skills, and achieve your goals.

Like an athlete/coach relationship, business coaching is an interactive process that helps you define your goals, determine the most effective strategies and action plans to reach them, and keeps you focused on succeeding. Business coaches ask questions, listen, and make suggestions. They explore, challenge, encourage, advise, facilitate, focus, stimulate, and hold you accountable.

Coaching is centred on YOUR specific needs and wants.

It’s not a generic one-size-fits-all approach, but customized for what is best for you and your organization.

What does an effective business coaching relationship look like?

  • Your business coach takes the time to understand your business and provides proven, practical business methodologies that help you succeed.
  • Your business coach honours and respects the confidentiality of the information received from you, the business owner.
  • You look to your business coach for guidance, advice, information, encouragement and feedback. But, much like a coach doesn’t play the game for their athletes, your coach is not responsible to produce the change in you or your business. Implementing the change is your responsibility.
  • To be successful, you have to be self-motivated, know the importance of your role as a leader, and be willing to set and accomplish goals.

Is business coaching for me?

 As a businessperson, you can prosper by working with a business coach if you are:

  • Too busy putting out fires every day rather than purposely building a business that will run profitably WITHOUT you needing to be there.
  • Stuck, and can’t seem to make any progress.
  • Overwhelmed with too much to do, and would like to find CLARITY.
  • Struggling finding and keeping the right employees, and frustrated they don’t have the same passion that you have for your business.
  • Confused that your business has grown – and continues to grow – but you haven’t seen the MONEY.

A business coach helps you make progress in your business and in your life while growing at a pace that is reasonable for you.

Is this the same as business consulting?

No. While a business coach definitely does some consulting, a consultant does not coach. A consultant is basically a specialist dealing with a specific project or problem in a business.

A business coach addresses many aspects of your business. Additionally, they’re also focused on YOUR development as a leader. A coach doesn’t leave once a specific project is completed, but is there for you 24 hours a day to help, guide, motivate, and improve you and your business.

Improve me and my business? What does that mean?

As the owner, it’s up to you to lead your company to where you want it to go. However, you may not be conscious of all of the areas of your business that, if addressed, can have massive results. Very often, business owners like you are too busy doing the everyday tasks. We will help you maximize your strengths. We’ll help you build on your on leadership, personal effectiveness, strategy, motivation, productivity, and organizational skills.

The coaching process – combining your pursuit for personal excellence with proven, practical business strategies – is the best of both worlds. Once you know what you want, develop a plan that will provide it, and take action on a daily basis, your enthusiasm will return. It becomes fun again, and your stress level goes down while your profits climb.

There’s NOTHING like it!

I’m already doing well. Why would I need a business coach?

You may think you don’t need a coach, but keep this in mind; the top performers in the world – from world-class athletes to the President of the United States – have mentors, coaches and advisors. Think about this: as the world’s top athletes progress from childhood to the top ranks, do they seek out more coaching on how to get to those higher stages, or less?

In studies where individuals successfully meet their objectives, certain characteristics are always found:

  • They are extremely goal oriented,
  • They are tirelessly persistent,
  • They always have a person or group that they meet with regularly to help them develop and learn.

Simply ask yourself this: On a scale of 1-100,
“how do I perform right now?”

If your honest answer is less than 100, a coach can help you.

Why does the business coaching process take time?

The process is not a magic wand. Certainly you’ve been to a seminar and left recharged and planning wonderful changes. Almost as certain, is that you probably forgot everything from the seminar within ninety days. We all do it.

Creating lasting change is a process of acquiring skills and developing positive habits. As Aristotle said,

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit.”

What about the rest of my team? Do you offer anything for them?

Absolutely. We have seminars and workshops to improve every area of your business depending on your needs. In addition, we have assessments to ensure that you’re building the best team possible.

We can facilitate seminars on team and morale building, developing your mission and vision, strategic planning, marketing more effectively, sales effectiveness, customer service excellence, personal effectiveness, leadership, goal setting, and many more; custom designed specifically for your business.

Getting your employees’ input in each area of your business empowers them to a level of “ownership” in the success of your business. When they have ownership in the ideas that develop, they will have a personal interest in their success, and the results can be incredible.

In addition, we can work one-on-one with your key people in areas that positively challenge them.

I’m not sure that business coaching applies to my industry or market.

Coaching applies to your business if you want:

  • To plan for growth,
  • To know which few actions make a big difference on your business and your life,
  • To become more proactive and strategic, rather than reactive to day-to-day crises,
  • To serve your customers so that they buy more often,
  • To have better control of your profit margins,
  • To be a better leader,
  • To have better systems to run your business,
  • To have more effective, engaged employees,
  • To make more money and work less hours,
  • To go on vacation worry-free and know your business is in good hands.

How much does business coaching cost?

In most cases the investment you make in coaching will pay for itself many times over. You should be able to make way more than enough in the growth of your company to pay for the coaching. Proof is in the results. It’s an investment in your business and yourself that will show through the streamlined and strategic focus implemented in your business.

It will be the greatest investment you will ever make!