Set Your Company Apart From the Rest with Fanatic Discipline

Do you have a consistent performance standard you never waiver from in your business? Do you have Fanatic Discipline?

From the book: Great by Choice, Jim Collins talks about the best companies that make 10X more than their competitors. What sets these companies apart?

Having “fanatic discipline”.

What Does “Fanatic Discipline” Mean?

Fanatic Discipline means companies, their owners, and their employees have incredible consistency with core values, goals, performance standards, and methods. They are utterly relentless, monomaniacal, and unbending in their focus on their quests, and incredibly consistent no matter what the conditions.

It also means having a consistent recipe for success that you stick to no matter what. Collins talks about following the “SMaC” Recipe in order to become a top performing company in your field and beat out the rest: a set of Specific, Methodical and Consistent rules you follow and make decisions by.

Are you fanatically disciplined within your company?

Does your team have a consistent set of values, goals, standards, and methods? Does your company follow a set of Specific, Methodical, and Consistent rules? If so, you are one of the few… Congratulations!

If not, what performance standards do you need to improve, or what core values do you need to define and stick to in order to get the consistency and discipline you need?

At Thrive Business Strategies, we help your company achieve fanatic discipline, and the success that comes along with it. Visit our business coaching page to book a clarity session and set your vision in motion!



Cindy Piva is Founder and President of Thrive Business Strategies.