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At Thrive we pride ourselves on results and testimonials because successful clients are happy clients.

“I am pleased to recommend Cindy Piva of Thrive Business Strategies Inc. I have worked with Cindy over the last few years as I transitioned from being a manager into the ownership role at Acres Enterprises, a 30 year old, established construction company. This transition was accompanied by a huge learning curve, which Cindy has been instrumental in helping me navigate.

With Cindy’s guidance, I have been able to focus on what’s really important. She has helped me in all areas of my business- from analyzing my strengths and weaknesses as an individual to setting my goals for the future of the business and developing a plan of how to reach these goals with a step by step breakdown. Cindy has given me the tools needed to identify my businesses’ areas in need of improvement  and in keeping me focused on the critical path  items.

The immediate success that I have experienced thus far is due. in great part to Cindy’s expertise in business strategies, her guidance, and her clarity. Without hesitation, I highly recommend Cindy to individuals who are in the same situation as myself; taking over a fully operating business and facing the new challenges that accompany that transition. Cindy has the expertise and ability to evaluate where the company is currently at and where it is essential to focus to achieve the goals that you, as an entrepreneur, would like to accomplish.”

J. P.

CEO, Owner and President

 “This testimonial is to highlight this person who has had an incredible impact on my business. I have had the benefit of the incredible insight, dedication and experience that this person has shared with me.

What is special about having Cindy Piva as my business coach, is that Cindy thrives on producing great results and saving me time and money. Cindy has helped me to identify which of the building blocks of my company are in need of reinforcement.

Cindy has helped me to set up very simple systems that are so powerful that not only is the company more streamlined, but also I have managed to trim the away the time wasting activities.

If I could give you a visual, I feel that Cindy has shown me how to take my newborn, my new company and start to prepare it to take on a life of its own. One day, it may not need me to tend to it on a daily basis, though hopefully it will still call me on Sundays and send me flowers on Mothers Day!

It is with gratitude that I thank Cindy and I invite all of you who wish to take your business to the next level to take action talk to Cindy today.”


“I had the good fortune of hiring Cindy as a business coach and was pleasantly surprised at the transformation that occurred not only within my business but also within.

The bottom line for successful business is not merely the bottom line! In order to succeed one must have an educated process that can be easily applied and implemented.  Not only was Cindy able to provide the necessary education, her coaching was comfortable and allowed for an easy and practical application of the techniques that she taught.  Within two months I started to see positive results and within six months I was asking myself why I hadn’t done this sooner?

I was also pleasantly surprised to see a change from within. Cindy helped me to develop the necessary leadership skills crucial to growing an executive team. My confidence has grown.

For the first time in a long time the light at the end of the tunnel did not appear to be an oncoming train! I actually realized that not only could I attract and train quality employees and increase my companies’ profitability, I was achieving these goals by working less hours.

Are you on a tread mill with your business?  Are you finding it impossible to work on your business because you are spending all of your time working in your business? Have you lost that shine and sense of vision that you had in those early days? I recommend that you call Cindy and let Thrive Business Strategies take you and your business to the next level.”

Steve Travers

Owner and President, Go Security

“I have been working with Cindy since November of 2013. She has literally given me my life back. What I mean by that, is she has given me a strength within my company that I didn’t know I had. She has given me a new voice of a strong leader. I now have more time, make more money and have less stress than I have ever had since starting the business 12 years ago.

The first time Cindy gave me a white paper that would solve my business problem, I was surprised and impressed. The steps where really easy to follow and specific to my business problem. She develops these papers from various respected sources and her personal experience as an entrepreneur. It is quiet obvious that there has been lots of time and good detailed energy that has gone into creating them.

These white papers allow me to absorb the information after our meeting and now becomes my take home tool for success. During another corporate business course directed by Cindy, I was delighted to see that the same energy goes into video. I find video very enjoyable to follow and therefore my interest is stronger and I learn more. Cindy’s organization and energy given to me at the touch of a button is worth mentioning.

Cindy was under extreme scrutiny at first. My mother is a corporate master coach. She spends her days teaching coaches and is one of the best. So of course she wanted the best for me from Cindy. After explaining how Cindy works and witnessing how I have improved my business, she has now become a fan as well and is interested in hiring Cindy for herself.

When Cindy and I get together to talk, we get excited. She has seen our business success. We have developed a corporate team, we have hired the RIGHT people. We have created systems, policies and procedures for success. We have discovered our potential and now understand true strength in our business. I have been known to rush into things and then watch the big idea fall apart. Cindy has guided us at the right speed. She shows us the importance of a strong foundation. She shows us that we must do A first then B, then C. We want to be ready to treat our clients well and stay strong doing that. Instead of welcoming them into a disaster.

Cindy lays down the rules right away. She doesn’t bad mouth, she is confidential. Her mannerisms are kind and soft and smart. I trust her. This is very important to me as I expose to her all my doubts and fears about my business…. my livelihood.

What else can I say. This lady is as closest as it gets to someone genuinely caring about my business as much as I do. She has the knowledge and she is encouraging. I give her number to anyone I know that has a business. We all have challenges in the big world of business. We all need guidance. Cindy is the trusted, organized and knowledgeable lady that will deliver every time if that person is committed to a successful business.”

Sonia Donaldson

Owner and President, Sun Peaks Spa

“Over the last three months, I participated in a business evaluation and strategies development program with Cindy Piva of Thrive Business Strategies Inc. My purpose for this was to create some direction for my business as I was becoming overwhelmed due to continual growth over the years. Also, what I used to enjoy had become a job that I did not enjoy anymore. I needed help to move to the next level.

I now have Systems in place and a clearer direction of what I need to do in order to successfully build the business with continued growth. Also, my desire for the business has been greatly revived with anticipation for the future.

I now plan to further develop the business with the new tools I have, and will return to Thrive Business Strategies for more systems building in the near future.

I highly recommend this program to any business or person that wishes to further itself.”


“I want to thank Cindy Piva for her passion, dedication and talent. Her business, Thrive Business Strategies, has had an amazingly positive impact on many businesses, individuals and families.

When I hired Cindy as a business consultant, I instantly felt as though I had a business partner that was relentlessly determined to see “our” business succeed.

Her perspective being outside of the fishbowl, so to speak, is an invaluable perspective. She made observations & suggestions that I had not seen or thought of.

The systems that she helped me put in place helped me to move beyond the plateau that I was on.

I have and will continue to refer my friends and business associates to her so that they too can enjoy her expertise.”


“It is my pleasure to share our experience with Cindy Piva from Thrive Business Strategies. I have had the pleasure of working with Mrs. Piva both professionally and on a volunteer basis over the past few years.

On a professional level Abbott Wealth Management has worked with Cindy for the last two years. As a result of her input our company has transformed with measurable results. Cindy’s commitment and attention to detail is incredible. She has worked personally with every person in our organization and I would recommend her expertise and guidance to any Business.

Making a difference in our Community is also very important to Cindy. It has been a pleasure to work with Mrs. Piva over the past years on major fundraisers within rotary, she has been integral in raising over $100,000.00 for the betterment of our Community. Cindy has also committed the next year of her life to serve as President of Kamloops West Rotary.

We live in a results based world, and based on the results I have experienced with Cindy, I would recommend her and Thrive Business Strategies without hesitation.”


“Please accept this letter as my strongest recommendation on behalf of Cindy Piva. Cindy is recognized by her peers as being among the most talented and respected business coaches in all of North America.

Cindy has depth and breadth of knowledge in all areas of business effectiveness and personal effectiveness fundamentals. Coupled with her mastery of professional business coaching fundamentals, Cindy is highly-effective in helping business owner clients overcome the real challenges of business  ownership and ultimately  reach their objectives.  Furthermore,  the manner in which  she delivers her  services is first-rate.

Cindy’s unwavering generosity to her clients and colleagues, along with her selfless service and outstanding leadership make Cindy Piva a world-class business coach and leader in our industry.

In 2013, Cindy was recognized as ”North American Business Coach of the Year -West Region” in the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA). The PBCA is a training and membership organization for independent business coaches throughout Canada and the United States. Cindy is a highly-regarded business coach in the PBCA and is considered to be among the “best of the best” in our industry.

In 2015, Cindy Piva became the first person to ever earn the certification as “PBCA Master Coach.” To date, she remains the only person to hold that certification. This is an incredible accomplishment and one to be celebrated.”

Jon Denney

President, Professional Business Coaches Alliance

“Canada West Coach lines and Sun Fun Tours are a jointly owned family business based in Kamloops with branch offices in Kelowna and Penticton. We hired Thrive Business Strategies and the services of Cindy Piva in the fall of 2014. Our objective was to re-evaluate our business from the outside looking in. The guidance, expertise, management tools and real-life strategies that Cindy has provided us in the past year and a half have been invaluable in helping us to not only grow our businesses  but to streamline  systems  and implement a marketing plan that works!

In addition to the shareholders that have benefitted from Cindy’s expertise, key management personnel are often included in our strategy meetings where the skills that are learned are then transferred to our team of employees. This has made us a stronger company both internally and for our clients as well.

Although our companies are two separate entities operating within two different industries, the crossover in strategic marketing, branding, operations and management tools has added to the value that we have received in working with Cindy and Thrive as these practices are transferrable between both.

On behalf of the shareholders of Canada West Coachlines and Sun Fun Tours I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Thrive Business  Strategies.”

Shelley Thiessen

Sun Fun Tours

“I am sending this testimonial/letter of reference to tell you about my extraordinary experience with Cindy Piva, with Thrive Business Strategies. I have known Cindy for a couple of years now, and every interaction with Cindy is exceptional. This year, I took a 12 week Master Coaching Marketing Course, led by Cindy, as a means of enhancing my coaching skills and offerings for my business coaching customers. I also wanted to develop new revenue streams for my business. The course was a huge success in that regard!

My experience was outstanding. I found that Cindy’s curriculum was second to none, her leadership and training on the weekly conference calls was engaging and incredibly valuable. Simply, Cindy is one of the best coaches and her course provided me with dozens of tools and concepts and how-to instruction that made an immediate and extraordinary impact on my business. I cannot say enough good things about Cindy Piva and her abilities as a business coach and thought leader. If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me.”


“We have engaged Cindy Piva at Thrive Business Strategies for several months to work with us on a multitude of levels of with our firm. She has assisted us in setting up critical systems to allow us to operate more efficiently and effectively; assisted us with hiring a new team member from wording of the ad to using DISC profiling to ensure that we have hired the right candidate and she has been instrumental in supporting us as we develop our mission, vision and values for the firm. Our experience in working with Cindy is outstanding. She is professional and supportive and has provided us with the necessary tools to easily navigate the difficult aspects of running a business. 

I have also had the pleasure to hear Cindy speak at the 2012 CGA-BC Practitioners Symposium on Guerilla Marketing. She is an accomplished speaker on a variety of topics, but this one in particular provided practical and useful information on how to implement high impact marketing strategies that are designed for small business owners.

I highly recommend working with Cindy Piva at Thrive Business Strategies if you want to be more strategic with your business and work more ON your business rather than getting stuck working in day to day operations.”


“It’s been a few weeks now since Matt and I have been working on our own and you’ll be happy to know, thanks to you, that things are going very well!

I must admit at our first meeting I didn’t think you’d be able to help us, given our strained relationship and opposite ideas about our business. But I must say, thanks to your patience and expertise you were able to guide us to a place where we can come together and work on our business for its best interest.

Your structured sessions and ‘homework’ gave us something to focus on and go back to when we let ourselves slide off track. Having you to be accountable to also kept us focused and driven. Working with someone who also had experience running her own business, and a family one at that, made us feel confident that you could be helpful in getting us focused and organized.

After only a few sessions with you we have found ourselves organized, more goal oriented and thinking about our future instead of being in reaction mode all of the time. We are now working to get our business to a point where it runs itself and we can enjoy the benefits of being self employed instead of feeling overworked and exhausted by our own business.”

A and M