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Executive Development Group: A Meeting of Business Minds

Our Business Executive Development Group is a series of monthly 2-hour meetings facilitated by a Thrive Business Coach, with up to 8 (non-competing) business owners. It’s a completely confidential setting where you share and learn from other industry leaders

What is a Mastermind Group?

Energy, Ideas, Accountability! You combine a group of intelligent people working together for a common goal, the combined brainpower far outperforms what those same people could produce individually. That’s because your ideas – once bounced off of each other – produce even more ideas, and generate suggestions for implementing these ideas into actions!

Mastermind Benefits

  • Stronger leadership
  • Massive results
  • Eliminate procrastinating
  • Drive effective Actions

Past participants say:

  • “This really saved my business!”
  • “Gave me confidence, tools, and allowed me to network with like-minded business owners”
  • “I found new opportunities for my business and new understanding. I gained confidence!
  • “The power of the group: I was able to take and deal with current issues and plan for the future”

What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies:

“Cindy’s Group “Business Executive Development” meetings will definitely give you a host of tools and.  Whether it is profit margins, marketing techniques, Vision/Mission/Values Statements, pay scales, incentives, bonuses, people problems, systems… Cindy can help”