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Jumpstart Your Business

business coaching British ColumbiaLet us help you work “on” your business rather than feeling stuck working “in” it. At Thrive Business Strategies, we work with you to become proactive and strategic, rather than reacting to the day-to-day urgency. This is for owners who feel their revenues may be plateauing, owners who are extremely busy but don’t seem to get ahead, owners who feel like quality may not be where it should and things feel like they are falling through the cracks. There may even be a lack of accountability, lack of focus, lack of streamlined systems, or even a lack of leadership. If any of these sound familiar, then this is the perfect program for you!

First, we’ll help you create a one-year “Business Priority Plan”. Yet knowing how hard it is for business owners to keep a one-year plan as a priority, we’ll simplify the process and “jumpstart your business”.

We’ll help you spearhead a breakthrough in your business within 90 days.

How Do We Jumpstart Your Business?

We simplify your one-year “Business Priority Plan” into a “Strategic Action Plan” from which we identify the most meaningful ways where you can achieve immediate, positive changes in your business. We’ll focus on three key areas within the first 90 days to create meaningful and impactful results.

Here’s what you’ll accomplish:

  1. “Jumpstart your business allows you to focus, gain outside perspective, and then create a plan that will help you increase revenues, streamline, build in accountability, and focus positively on your company’s future.
  1. From there, we create a comprehensive strategy or plan for your business that respects your current business situation, reflects your company vision, and builds a road map to bridge any gaps.
  1. Next, we identify and tackle the “key initiatives” and potential “sticking points” and over the next 90 days we tackle the top 3 priorities that need to be addressed, and you can begin to see the powerful results.
  1. Finally, we acknowledge and celebrate accomplishments, and continue building on the positive change within your business.

By the end of the 90 day period, you will be more strategic in every area of your business including:

  • Financial management and profitability
  • Human resources, including hiring and training the right people in the right positions
  • Systemization and operations management
  • Sales
  • Customer service
  • Marketing
  • Leadership and strategy.

The Jumpstart Your Business program is unique to YOU and YOUR business, based on your own personal business vision, assessments, and goals.

But we don’t stop there.

After each meeting, you’re given time to start implementing the strategies and measuring their success as we go. This is not a “cookie-cutter” system but a powerful, on-going process that is designed specifically to help you accomplish your goals faster.

This is a powerful program, and designed so you can continue being strategic on your own long after the program ends. You’ll find yourself reaching business goals you only dreamed of, quicker than you ever imagined.



What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies


“This is a letter to commend Cindy Piva of Thrive Business Strategies. I had the good fortune of hiring Cindy as a business coach and was pleasantly surprised at the transformation that occurred not only within my business but also within. The bottom line for successful business is not merely the bottom line! In order to succeed one must have an educated process that can be easily applied and implemented. Not only was Cindy able to provide the necessary education, her coaching was comfortable and allowed for an easy and practical application of the techniques that she taught. Within two months I started to see positive results and within six months I was asking myself why I hadn’t done this sooner? I was also pleasantly surprised to see a change from within. Cindy helped me to develop the necessary leadership skills crucial to growing an executive team. My confidence has grown. For the first time in a long time the light at the end of the tunnel did not appear to be an oncoming train! I actually had a glimmer of hope that not only could I attract and train quality employees and increase my companies’ profitability, I was achieving these goals by working less hours. Are you on a tread mill with your business? Are you finding it impossible to work on your business because you are spending all of your time working in your business? Have you lost that shine and sense of vision that you had in those early days? I recommend that you call Cindy and let Thrive Business Strategies take you and your business to the next level.”