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Business Seminars & Workshops

Structured to meet the needs of any organization or audience, our seminars and workshops are tailored to you

Business Seminars & Workshops

Structured to meet the needs of any organization or audience our seminars and workshops are tailored to you

Strategic Marketing Plan

This is not a cookie-cutter approach; you’ll leave with a strategic marketing plan tailored for you and your business.

Systems: Leverage The Power of Process

Are you streamlined, efficient, and maximizing profits? If you’re not sure, then you need this seminar.

Leadership & Company Culture


Grow the future leaders for your company! Leadership skills are the key to improving company culture and employee engagement.  What are you doing to groom the future leaders of your company?  Our leadership program works on leadership skills such as self-awareness, management skills, communication skills, vision and big-picture thinking and how it relates to day to day,  innovation and change management, and the list goes on!


Seven Ways to Double Profits

Just what it says seven effective strategies to dramatically increase your profits.

Guerrilla Marketing

Learn to use this amazing strategy to highlight your business and reach your ideal client.

8 Common Mistakes

If you’re a business owner, you make mistakes – here is how to avoid them!

Strategic Planning

NOT your average strategic planning session. Leave with a plan that works.

Getting things Done

Time management tools have been shoved into a phone, constantly pinging it’s needs at you, how do you deal with this reality and still Get THINGS DONE?!

Custom Workshops

Designed and delivered workshops and training sessions that directly addresses the needs and situations of your audience.

Create Raving Fans

Get your team on board to not only give amazing service, but help you receive incredible referrals from your clients or customers.

What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies:

“Cindy is a top-notch business coach whom I consider to be among the very best in North America.

Cindy is highly skilled in helping businesses create comprehensive strategic plans that can be implemented in a structured, thoughtful way.  She has a great ability to see through the minutia and get to the heart of real business development.  Cindy’s real-world business experience and expertise allows her to be practical in her approach rather than simply “academic.”  In other words, she facilitates the creation of thoughtful plans that actually work.

Cindy was recognized as “West Region Business Coach of the Year” in the Professional Business Coaches Alliance (PBCA) in 2013.  The PBCA is a training and membership organization for independent business coaches throughout Canada and the United States.  Cindy is a highly regarded business coach in the PBCA and I consider her among the “best of the best.”