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Create a Strategic Plan for Your Business

Senior executives agree that strategic business planning is one of the most important parts of their job, yet are often neglected.

business planningWhy do a lot of companies invest significant time and effort in a formal, annual strategic-planning process that typically culminates in a series of business and corporate strategies that fill many binders or computer files for the CEO and the top management team. Yet the reality is that few executives think this time-consuming process pays off, and many CEOs complain that their strategic-planning process yields few new ideas and is often filled with politics, meetings that waste a lot of everyone’s time, and strategic plans that have great ideas but rarely implemented. Why does this happen? Usually, what seems like a great plan at the time often gets forgotten, and as a result, there is lack of follow through. Or on the flip side, other companies decide not to do any planning at all because of the belief it doesn’t work, or they have great intentions to create a strategic business plan, but months and even years go by before they seem to get to it.

At Thrive, the Strategic Business Planning is different. It works because it is not only planned and organized properly with you, it is also customized for your needs, and extremely relevant. It identifies priorities and ends with action plans for all key players in your organization, with timelines. It takes you from where you are today in your organization and helps you and your people see where you want to get to in the future, sets your sights on specific goals and initiatives, and helps you build a roadmap to get you there! But it doesn’t stop there. A Thrive Business Coach will help keep you on track, guide you through implementation throughout the year, remind you of what’s important, and keep you from getting side-tracked. Now that IS different!



What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies


“I participated in a business evaluation and strategies development program with Cindy Piva of Thrive Business Strategies Inc. My purpose for this was to create some direction for my business as I was becoming overwhelmed due to continual growth over the years. Also, what I used to enjoy had become a job that I did not enjoy anymore. I needed help to move to the next level.

I now have Systems in place and a clearer direction of what I need to do in order to successfully build the business with continued growth. Also, my desire for the business has been greatly revived with anticipation for the future.

I now plan to further develop the business with the new tools I have, and will return to Thrive Business Strategies for more systems building in the near future.

I highly recommend this program to any business or person that wishes to further itself.”