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Customized Training

Our Training solutions go far beyond your typical seminars and workshops because they not only teach best practices and the skills needed, but they are always customized to suit your company’s needs.

Leadership Training


Focus on what’s important to lead and motivate your team – improve your communication, leadership and mentoring skills. Learn how to coach others, create a collaborative and positive work environment, and help build leaders in your company.


Emerging Leaders Program


BRAND NEW PROGRAM: A Course that helps build and develop the skills needed to turn emerging leaders into the powerhouses of tomorrow.


Create a Strategic Marketing Plan


Marketing can make or break your business. You may already have brochures, business cards, and a website…but do you know if they are targeted to attract your ideal clients? Do you have a marketing calendar mapped out in advance?  Drive growth with a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan.


From Great to WOW! Customer Experience


Everyone knows what great customer service is… or do they?  If it’s not built into a Customer Experience System, so you know without fail that your client’s are being “wowed” every time, then you are leaving your company’s customer service to chance.  Turn your customer service into an incredible customer experience that has all your clients telling everyone how great your company is. Now that’s priceless and worth working on!


Proven Sales Process


Sales Training with no gimmicks, tactics, or tricks. It’s a straightforward, natural sales process that works. Eliminate unsuitable prospective clients by getting to the “NO” faster, and save valuable time by focusing on how to get your ideal clients.


The Power of Process: Building Systems


Maximize your business value by creating systems and processes that make operations (and life) easier, more efficient, and more profitable.


Flexible Options.

Training includes powerful learning principles that can be customized to fit your company: we work with individuals, owners, department managers, emerging leaders, or whole teams. Choose a one-time session from 2 hours to one day, or a more comprehensive training series, where you can customize training and enhance skills over time.

What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies:

“I have had the benefit of the incredible insight, dedication and experience of having Cindy Piva as my business coach. Cindy thrives on producing great results and saving me time and money. Cindy has helped me to identify which of the building blocks of my company are in need of reinforcement. Cindy has helped me to set up very simple systems that are so powerful that not only is the company more streamlined, but also I have managed to trim the away the time-wasting activities.”