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Customized Training for Your Business

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Our customized training solutions go beyond what you’ll find with most seminars and workshops, because they’re tailored for you and your business. Whether it’s for you, your management team or your entire organization, our training options go right to the heart of what’s important to you and your business.

You and your team will be able to experience powerful and meaningful training that results in lasting transformation within your business, your team, and thus, with your clients.

Customizable Business Training Topics include:

Leadership Training That’s Different

Designed for you, or anyone in a leadership position within your company, this training helps you focus on what’s important to lead and motivate your team, helping you improve your communication, leadership and mentoring skills. It also teaches you how to coach others to be better at what they do, creating a work environment that focuses on combining efforts into a collective strength. Helping your team succeed helps you to succeed.

You will learn proven leadership and communication skills that will not only help you become a better leader, but also coach others to be better leaders. You will strengthen your ability to make difficult decisions, resolve difficult situations, motivate coworkers and employees as well as influence and persuade groups and teams. Become the leader and mentor you’ve always wanted to be!

This training can be customized to fit all teams: individuals, department managers or whole teams. Sessions can be customized to your needs, and can be either a one-time, 2 hour session, or a more comprehesive, on-going training, where you can select from up to 12 different sessions based on your needs.

Newly Developed Emerging Leaders Program. For more information click here.

Create a Strategic Marketing Plan

A recent study showed that 89% of business owners said marketing was either their first or second priority, but of those, 79% admitted they did not have a marketing plan. If you don’t have a marketing plan, you need one. This is not just any marketing plan, but a strategic one that is custom-designed for your business.

We all know marketing can make or break a small business. You may already have brochures, business cards, a website, and even a smattering of advertising in varying mediums. But do you have a strategy or master plan that ties it all together and makes it effective?

With this training, you have an amazing opportunity to increase your success and profitability with a comprehensive Strategic Marketing Plan.

With competition increasing every day, and ever-changing consumer attention, you need proven marketing techniques and a strategic marketing plan to generate demand for your products and services. You need to get laser-focused with a tried and true marketing process so you’re not wasting money on ineffective marketing. This training will help you and your team develop a clear message to your specific target, as well as create a strategic marketing plan for the next 12 months, so you can implement it. That’s powerful!

Choose from a half-day, full-day or a series of sessions to create your Strategic Marketing Plan.

Customer Experience: From Great to “Wow”!

This is not your normal customer service training, this creates your client experience! Get your team on board to not only give amazing service, it helps you define the experience that really impresses your clients so much, you receive incredible referrals from your  them. This training will not only help you and your team understand what incredible customer or client service is, but it helps you create a Customer Experience System so your service is consistent and exceptional every day!

Sales Training – Proven Sales Process that works

Our Sales Training program is a powerful sales process that DOES NOT use gimmicks, tactics, or tricks.

It’s a straightforward, natural sales process that works.

This Sales Program helps you eliminate unsuitable prospects by getting to the “NO” quicker. It saves you from wasting time chasing the wrong prospects, so you can focus your time on the right potential clients.

The Power of Process: Systems that make things easier, more efficient, and more profitable

Are you maximizing your business value? Are you streamlined, efficient, and maximizing profits? If you’re not sure, then you and your team need this training.

 Plus many more customized training topics designed specifically for your organization.
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What clients say about Thrive Business Strategies


“This testimonial is to highlight this person who has had an incredible impact on my business. I have had the benefit of the incredible insight, dedication and experience that this person has shared with me. What is special about having Cindy Piva as my business coach, is that Cindy thrives on producing great results and saving me time and money. Cindy has helped me to identify which of the building blocks of my company are in need of reinforcement. Cindy has helped me to set up very simple systems that are so powerful that not only is the company more streamlined, but also I have managed to trim the away the time wasting activities. If I could give you a visual, I feel that Cindy has shown me how to take my newborn, my new company and start to prepare it to take on a life of its own. One day, it may not need me to tend to it on a daily basis, though hopefully it will still call me on Sundays and send me flowers on Mothers Day! It is with gratitude that I thank Cindy and I invite all of you who wish to take your business to the next level to take action talk to Cindy today.”

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