Strategic Planning

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The trajectory you, and your team, set for your company shapes your future success. Thrive works closely with you to ensure you have the right people involved, the information you need, and the correct process in place to begin a journey that will yield powerful results.

Since no two organizations are alike, the process you choose to do your strategic planning should fit the nature of your business or organization. What works for some organizations does not work for others. This is why Thrive Business Strategies customizes and collaborates with each organization to determine what is needed, what output is required, and develops a seamless process to get there.

What’s important is that your organization has a plan outlining where you are going, and in many cases, how you’ll get there, so that everyone is working with the same information and is on the same page.

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The most important part of the strategic planning process is taking the time to think strategically together and brainstorm innovative and forward-thinking ideas that could make a huge difference in your organization and the way it operates.

Follow up/Implementation Packages

After your strategic plan, the key becomes turning these ideas and plans into actions, and making them happen. That is one of the actions that sets Thrive apart from other companies. Statistics show that 90% of companies that take the time to create a strategic plan fail to implement the plan. We ensure you not only create the plan, but that the plan gets implemented with follow up/implementation packages.

We realize strategic planning is not an event, it is a process.

We offer follow up packages that help you turn strategies into actions, create action plans, and then ensure they are implemented. This is what sets Thrive apart from other companies.

Some Startling Statistics – The Importance of Strategic Planning:

  • Companies using strategic plans are 12% more profitable
  • 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully
  • 86% of executive teams spend less than an hour a month discussing strategy.
  • Only 23% of organizations use a formal strategic planning process to make important strategic decisions.
  • Companies surveyed who do execute a strategic plan reported they experience real and material benefits from their planning processes – far beyond those of average companies. They’re enjoying improved control over costs, increased foresight, improved operational performance, increased transparency and insight into their organization, a sense of shared purpose, and an increase in revenue!

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