How Do You Hire the Superstar Employee?

One of the biggest questions I get asked by business leaders is the following:

“How do I hire the superstar employee?”

This is a great question – and, unfortunately, one that can’t be answered with a simple statement. If it could, no one would have this problem in the first place!

Answering this difficult question involves asking a few important questions back.



The first set of questions I ask back are to do with the company’s hiring strategy:

  • Do you have a proactive process for hiring?
  • Does your business have an organizational chart of what you have now and what you need for the future?
  • Do you have a process that keeps you actively searching for new hires on a regular basis?
  • Or is your hiring strategy more reactive – you’re short-staffed and need someone, anyone, NOW?

And the final questions I ask are to do with the company’s on-boarding and training strategy:

What is your hiring system and your on-boarding and training system?

If you do not have a formal hiring, on-boarding, and training system, how can you ensure you are hiring the right people?


Why Do I Need a Formalized Hiring and Training System to Find a Superstar Employee?

This may sound simple, but every company needs these systems, even if it only has a single employee. You see, a formal hiring and training system ensures both your new employee AND your company are positioned for success from the start.

A formalized hiring system will ensure your new hire:

  • Has the right qualities that fit the needs of your company, now and in the future,
  • Fits your company culture,
  • Aligns with your company’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values, and
  • Shows real interest and dedication to both their new position and the company as a whole.

Notice how nowhere in that list did I include “your new hire has every skill they need”.

That is where a formalized on-boarding and training system comes in. Ideally, your new hires would have some relevant skills, but they may not possess every skill they need. Your hiring process will help you find the employee with the attitude to learn everything. Then, your training system will help them learn your company’s processes quickly and easily.



I Don’t Have These Processes… What Do I Do Now?

For the companies that don’t have these systems in place, implementing them is a simple process to go through, but takes some work and some “tweaking” as you begin to create the system and to hire good team members.

Once your business has an up-and-running hiring and training system, you will feel empowered to answer the “superstar employee” question easily – chances are you will no longer be asking this in the first place!

Need help creating a process for hiring and training great team members? Thrive Business Strategies has worked with numerous business owners in building the processes to find the right people and grow their team, and their businesses, to success.

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Cindy Piva is Founder and President of Thrive Business Strategies.