At Thrive Business Strategies, we work with business owners, CEO’s and leaders to simplify, clarify, and elevate their companies.

Together, we work with them in a way that leads to transforma­tional results.

We work with business owners, CEO’s and leaders who are life-long learners and passionate about continuous improvement.

Strategic Planning

Working on your business intentionally with strategic planning means taking time now for improvement and growth. This defines your future success.

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Business Coaching

Transformational results for leaders committed to continual improvement.

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Professional Development Executive Coaching

Performing beyond limits, living your best life, and inspiring your team to do the same. Achieve high performance results in ways you never expected.

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Training & Courses

Leading your organization means giving you and your team the tools necessary to grow and fill skill gaps.  These are the moments that define your leadership and your organization.

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Thrive Results

"With Cindy’s guidance, I have been able to focus on what’s really important. She has helped me in all areas of my business- from analyzing my strengths and weaknesses as an individual to setting my goals for the future of the business and developing a plan of how to reach these goals with a step by step breakdown. Cindy has given me the tools needed to identify my businesses’ areas in need of improvement and in keeping me focused on the critical path items."

"Anna reached out to me initially about my business, it turns out it was a time of need. This is typical of Anna to put herself out there, hence why she has such an extensive network of business owners in the community. That, along with being a part of numerous networking groups and Rotary, Anna is sure to know exactly who you need to help fill any gap you might have in your business. Anna was professional, kind, knowledgeable and firm in helping navigate the complexities of partnership, innovative ideas to help grow the business and ultimately in making the best decision for myself, which was to dissolve the company. This is something I feel wouldn't have been achieved so expediently or amicably without Anna's assistance. She undoubtedly went above and beyond the call of duty more times than I can count, and I would gladly refer her to anyone I know and will surely be calling Anna again for my next venture."

"Cindy's perspective being outside of the fishbowl, so to speak, is an invaluable perspective. She made observations & suggestions that I had not seen or thought of.

The systems that she helped me put in place helped me to move beyond the plateau that I was on."

"I connected with Anna Harrison to work on business development, planning and strategizing for the future for a new start-up business. It was clear from the beginning that Anna is an incredibly warm, passionate, and knowledgeable person in this industry.

She has many years of business ownership experience and was easily able to troubleshoot foreseeable business strategies for the future while bringing a healthy dose of realism to our first-time business owner team. Her ability to bring a small business perspective was very helpful in weighing many considerations for our business. Anna provided a necessary framework that helped keep us more focused and organized while working through logistical challenges that came up.

It is clear the Anna is passionate about giving back and being involved in the local community as she gives her time and knowledge to many great organizations in the community, which as small-business owners was important to our team."

"This testimonial is to highlight this person who has had an incredible impact on my business. I have had the benefit of the incredible insight, dedication and experience that this person has shared with me.

What is special about having Cindy Piva as my business coach, is that Cindy thrives on producing great results and saving me time and money. Cindy has helped me to identify which of the building blocks of my company are in need of reinforcement."

"Anna’s personality immediately puts you at ease, she is incredibly open-minded, generous with her time and is committed to completing all tasks in a timely and thorough manner. She has a passion and talent for coaching others and would be an asset to any business looking for strategic guidance."

"As a result of her input our company has transformed with measurable results. Cindy’s commitment and attention to detail is incredible. She has worked personally with every person in our organization and I would recommend her expertise and guidance to any Business.

Making a difference in our Community is also very important to Cindy. It has been a pleasure to work with Mrs. Piva over the past years on major fundraisers within rotary, she has been integral in raising over $100,000.00 for the betterment of our Community."

"Operating business in an unprecedented time alone seemed daunting and unattainable. Training with Anna has enabled creativity, innovation, and execution!  She has been instrumental in implementing my company’s Growth strategy."

"The guidance, expertise, management tools and real-life strategies that Cindy has provided us in the past year and a half have been invaluable in helping us to not only grow our businesses but to streamline systems and implement a marketing plan that works!

In addition to the shareholders that have benefitted from Cindy’s expertise, key management personnel are often included in our strategy meetings where the skills that are learned are then transferred to our team of employees. This has made us a stronger company both internally and for our clients as well.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Thrive Business Strategies.”

"I had the opportunity to participate in group coaching led by Anna Harrison over a period of 8 weeks.  Anna provided a professional, friendly, and safe environment which encouraged participants to share and receive feedback.  Anna was always prepared with directed discussion topics while being flexible to meet the needs of the group.  The opportunity to hear others' experiences and how they were moving forward in the areas they wanted to pursue, inspired me to take steps towards my own professional goals.  I highly recommend Anna Harrison and group coaching for anyone desiring a journey to discover future personal and/or professional opportunities.

"My experience was outstanding. I found that Cindy’s curriculum was second to none, her leadership and training on the weekly conference calls was engaging and incredibly valuable. Simply, Cindy is one of the best coaches and her course provided me with dozens of tools and concepts and how-to instruction that made an immediate and extraordinary impact on my business. I cannot say enough good things about Cindy Piva and her abilities as a business coach and thought leader.”

"Anna, I need you to be the first person to see this accomplishment. I just hit a goal that I honestly did not see happening, not sure how it happened so fast. All of your help and guidance has made a world of difference in my business and my life.

I'm in shock. It was a goal I didn't think I would actually accomplish this year and I did it in the first month."

"After only a few sessions with you we have found ourselves organized, more goal oriented and thinking about our future instead of being in reaction mode all of the time. We are now working to get our business to a point where it runs itself and we can enjoy the benefits of being self employed instead of feeling overworked and exhausted by our own business.”

"Working with Anna at Thrive business Strategies,  has helped my business grow bigger than I thought was possible. From a one man show to hiring my first employee  to growing my business I could count on her to walk me through the things I had no idea about! Thank you Anna for helping me get my business to where it is today."

"Anna has helped me the implementation plans and walk me through challenges of starting a not-for-profit organization. I highly recommend the assistance of Anna at Thrive Business Strategies to help you navigate and grow your organization or business. She is amazing!"

"Anna’s positive outlook and friendly approach made working with her an enjoyable experience. We looked forward to every session and would highly recommend anyone to her services. She helped us gain a perspective that we would not have had otherwise. She also helped us move forward in a direction we never thought possible. It was well worth the financial and time commitment. I look forward to working with her in the future."